Sand and Cement Rendering Adelaide

Adelaide’s Sand And Cement Rendering Experts

Sand and Cement rendering is the most commonly used type of render due to its lower costs and simplicity.  The mixture is made onsite with a mixture of sand, cement and lime.

At Lowes Rendering, we are experts in getting the finish that you desire for your home. We have a lot of experience in working with Sand and Cement Render in Adelaide Homes.

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Sand and Cement Rendering at a great price

Lowes Rendering is able to offer great prices, along with quality rendering for sand and cement rendering in Adelaide. The way that sand and cement render is applied, often will give a straighter finish than the acrylic render.

There are a number of ways to finish of a sand and cement render job, with options available for painting, texture costing or we can even put oxide in the mixture to allow for the colour that you desire.

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